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This topic is close to my heart – see my other thread on this forum about the IL bill to remove airguns from their firearm classification. 

In my opinion, there is a lot of unjustified fear about airguns from non-shooters, because they look like a firearm, act like a firearm and have even been used as imposter firearms. It is our difficult job to hold these scared politicians and concerned citizens of some important facts:

1. The vast majority of airguns (what I define as “vast majority” are the airguns that exist in the US general population, which are typically under .25 caliber and 40fpe. We know, of course, there are exceptions amongst the airgunnerati, but they still aren’t common) have only about 20% of the muzzle energy and range of the humble 22LR cartridge. This not only makes the airgun non-scary, it makes it an ideal tool for safe pest harvest and hunting in close quarters where firearms may be an undesirable option.

2. Airguns are the worst tool for folks who actually intend to do harm. A handgun and 50 rounds of ammo can easily be carried on a person, the energy for the damaging projectile is self-contained.  An airgun producing the same energy would be physically huge compared to the handgun’s size, and would need supporting gear like a tank or pump would be needed past the first several shots. Imagine the criminal saying, wait about 10 minutes, I need to pump my rifle up.

3. Statistics show that there are more deaths in pretty much any sport than airguns.  In fact, I believe it is incumbent upon the politicians to show with actual data the incidents that they feel justify regulating airguns as a firearm.  I think there will be a lot of open mouths with no real data coming out.

To be honest, I think the biggest thing that limits are success in deregulation are the idiots who shoot dogs and cats that make us look bad (same thing can be and is done with archery, by the way); and the fictional Ralphie shooting his eye out. Too bad Ralphie didn’t have the polycarbonate safety glasses or parental supervision that responsible airgunners use.