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To elaborate on the poor experiences I had with my previous two FX rifles….

My T12 whisper showed up and literally dribbled pellets out of the barrel. Back to the vendor it went. When it was returned to me it maxed out at 28 ft lbs which I could live with if the accuracy was there.  I had a hard time managing .5” groups at 25 yards where as I could turn around and stack 10 pellets through the same hole at that distance with my Airwolf MCT. I got fed up and ended up returning it for a theoben rapid which AZ tuned. To this day the best air rifle I ever had and I regret ever selling. 

On to the revolution.  I thought how cool would it be to have an accurate, semi-auto .22 cal rifle for small game hunting. Right??? The rifle functioned for about 1 tin of pellets and one thing after another started happening. First off a valve seal started leaking which was no big deal. Then the magazine would jam occasionally so I bought a new mag.  Same problem. Got to the point where it would jam every other shot.  Sent it in to get fixed which lasted about another tin of pellets and jamming issues came back. I sent it in again, got it fixed and sold it off. That was several years ago and I have since stayed away from FX until now.  When the impact was released I actually jumped on the pre order with AOA. Then all the accounts of the poor quality control and problems started coming to light and I gave up my pre order spot. 

The crown seems to have remedied some of the problems and I have yet to read a poor review.  I have high hopes for the crown but I highly doubt it will replace my beloved WAR Flex…. it should be a nice classy compliment to that beast though. 😎