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most large cities already have regulations on airguns. I grew up in a large city in AZ. We had Urban hunting area’s, air guns only, and you could shoot in desginated urban hunting area’s or on your own property as long as the projectile didnt leave your property. One morning I shot an annoying woodpecker that would keep me up in the mornings. A neighbor seen me and called the police. After my door was bashed in and a swat team blasted threw my home, I was arrested for  Discharging a firearm in city limits. When I finaly got to court the judge dismissed the charges. 
  The old lady who called the police stated she heard multipule rounds go off from what apeared to be a machine gun, my old Crosman 760.  When I was being arrested and hauled out of my house the police kept yelling, wheres the weapon!   So even tho it was legal, i had my urban hunting license, some idiot next door over reacted to nothing. I could have been killed by the police. I think its stuff like that, that has caused the no shooting air guns in city limits.    The prosacuter kept reffering to my bb gun as “an unregistered weapon” even tho that state didnt have any registration requirements
   They did away with the urban hunting and fishing programs about a year or two after my incodent, but it was probably due to the development of the urban hunting area’s. Also there is ALOT of gun violence, and gang/cartel activity