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” …my power wheel is different too. Numbers on one side letters on the other… “

The power wheel is a cam that mates with the adjuster. The high point on the cam is coincident with the “Max” setting. The low point matches the “Min” setting. The cam contour is basically milled the same on each side on the Crown and I suspect it may also be for the Impact. Thus the numbers on one side and the letters on the other side basically match up. So A equals 5, B equals 4, C equals 3 etc.  There may be a very slight difference in velocity attained by matching points on the cam. If there is then it could be used to fine tune to a more precise velocity.   ….  My assumption is that the Impact and the Crown are similar there.  I stand correction if mistaken.
Hope this helps and makes clear reading. … Kind regards, Harry in OZ.