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received the Sumo from Donnyfl in just a few days-always nice to get items soon after ordering. so this was a very informal test using an iPhone app that measures sound levels in decibels (dB). my crown’s regulator is as it came from the factory and the power level was set at 3 and the rear wheel set at max. I fired 3 shots for each configuration with the phone a few feet away and got an average.
no suppressor/shroud not extended-106 dB
no suppressor/ shroud extended-93 dB
suppressed/shroud not extended-89 dB
suppressed/shroud extended—88 dB
the things to remember are that this was a very informal test using an iphone app and likely not the most accurate. however, even if the accuracy isn’t there I’m assuming it is probably measuring consistently so the numbers themselves don’t really matter-it’s the differences between the numbers that matter. also, the decibel scale is not linear, it’s logarithmic.
my takeaway from this is that Donny’s suppressor clearly works and is a good addition particularly if you’re shooting in a populated area.
with the suppressor on and with the shroud extended or not, I couldn’t tell a difference in sound level so I’ll leave it on. my hearing isn’t what it used to be after several decades of hunting plus ridiculous amounts of machine gunning in the military. Others will probably be able to tell a difference.