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“Carpguy”My impact silver. 25 doesn’t have the white marks on the valve flow adjuster, just solid lines .. does anybody have this to.. if so where are you setting it… my power wheel is different to. Numbers pn one side letters on the other… just got the gun and was looking for advise before i start turning knobs.. lol

the lines are still spaced the same I believe just no short one just all long one. 
  first thing is you should max the hammer spring(Ernest Rowe has the video on it) from there it’s just all chrono work iI think. 
  On my impact the reg is set to 130 the valve is set on the forth line and the hammer adjuster is on 5.
 I’m getting 50 shots at about 860 or so with the 34s. I also have my transfer port hole milled out that’s why my reg is at 130 not 140
 I’m still messin with to find the best speed bit I usually shoot in 4 power and that’s around 830fps