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“jphonky”Thank you for the quick thorough response! I change mine regularly so I will keep a close eye on it and put a liner in it if I feel necessary. I’m just glad that I got the filter…. These china compressors definitely let a lot of moisture through. I filled a 30min scba tank from empty and the little filter included with the compressor was soaked. I have the tuxing filter. I have a flex 30 on order. Hopefully will be seeing it soon. Gonna be a big step up from my 22 marauder… I am very anxious! 

The smaller $300-400 China compressors are passing much of the moisture along to the high pressure filter because they omit a quality water separator tower to catch most of the moisture before it reaches the filter.   The $1,000 plus compressors from China do have much better water separators so the filter isn’t getting saturated nearly as fast. Monitor your filter more frequently if you use it with a compressor that omits the water separator tower.  The Yong Heng/Tuxing types have a drain but no separator tower.  There is a double gold tower system available for around $300 that uses the first tower as a separator and the second tower as a filter.