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Go Dad!   

No springer for youth starters – at least not most springers- teach him with something decent.

A Umarex Qauntlet is a value and, is a large/heavy rig, regulated is good.  With your assistance it should be usable.  I have worked with 5yr old’s that had to put the stock under there arm on a bench but learned to use a 30x scope just fine. I have also shot with a National FT winner who was 10 yrs old and not a large person at that, he learned young and shoots well.

 Very 1st rifle, maybe, a $ 75ish QB78. Co2 rifle, cheap, decent trigger and hopefully enough accuracy to get him started. Just adjust the LOP ( saw ) and he will be all set.

Then, the AA or CZ200!   THAT is a youth rifle.  The red laminate one peice stock closed out last year at %525.00. – just a reference-   Pilkguns had a use target model ( ? ) 2, piece stock & adjustable used for around $400 last week. Look at things along the CZ 200 line.

Keep us posted on what works out.