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Hey Coach … good to see you on the forum … WELCOME!

One thing I would be concerned about on your objective of getting as much practice in as possible in prep for your other interests in the powder burning side of the sport is the amount of time consumed by pumping the gun up. You are in real good shape apparently but that’s not what I am talking about. When pumping a pcp airgun you will have to pump a few minutes and then let the pump cool down otherwise you will end up burning the O-rings out of your pump and the Benjamin pump is famous for blowing O-rings.. Then you are faced with a rather time consuming chore of breaking the pump down and replacing the O-rings in the pump. I’ve had two Benjamin pumps and they both did the same thing. If I were interested in doing what you propose for the reasons you state, methinks I would invest a few extra bucks in a compressor and air tank because the objective is to practice shooting rather than physical training. Pumping is about as entertaining as watching grass grow.