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“bigbobbybeef”I looked at the altros  never used one and don’t know anything about the product or the manufacture but when its built into a plastic tool box it turns me off for that reason alone even though looks can be deceiving. The shoebox is $500 overtime at work starts Monday so I bought the hill M4 and in two weeks I am going to order a shoebox F10 and a Diablo dryer maybe if the OT lasts a couple months might have another WILDCAT in the stable ahahhah.

I would soon rather fill my PCPs by blowing into them with my lungs than to buy the AV Booster again.
I bought an Altaros from a member here and it has worked flawlessly. Yes, I had the same trepidation of it being a cheap plastic toolbox, so got the solid looking AV instead, mistake! Got sent back for repairs the first time, and returned for refund the second time. 
The Altaros is slow, but I fill my tank when I’m working around the house and the tank fills the gun fast many times.