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If you just want to shoot indoors, I’d highly recommend a Weihrauch HW30s in .177. It can be found for around $299 – there are different stock/combo options that can make the price a bit more. I know you don’t like springers, but I’m guessing you never tried this springer. Totally different compared to what you’ll find in any big box store. It’s a beloved favorite for many shooters on this/other forums, from young to old, because of how accurate it is, how easy it is to cock, how hold insensitive it is, and the fact that it comes set up with open sights right out of the box. It’s all metal and wood construction yet light weight and won’t cause any fatigue. It comes with arguably the best trigger you can find on a springer. It puts out roughly 6 ft/lbs of energy, plenty for your indoor range. It is very quiet as well. I shoot mine at 30 yards and it’ll put 5 shot groups within 1/2″ easily with a quality scope. I’ll link to two videos for you to check out, one being mine. This is my go to plinker when all I want to do is shoot accurate groups and work on my shooting mechanics.