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I had a TX200 MK3 not the HC model. My TX200 was very accurate and I was able to take out house sparrows as far as 60 yds with it. It was a little heavy but that helped with dampening the recoil and vibrations you get with spring rifles. I didnt find it to heavy to carry around and mine had a very good looking walnut stock and the bluing is excellent. If I bought another springer it would be a TX200 mk3 or HC, HW 77, HW97 or a smaller break barrel like a HW30 or HW50. There is the walther lgu thats basically a TX200 but its only $20 cheaper than the TX200 and it has a beach stock instead of a walnut so for me the LGU isnt cheap enough to skip over the TX200 and their walnut stocks. PA has a .177 TX200 mk3 refurb in walnut right now for $575.99. Theres no refurb HC models currently listed.