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“jphonky”How about a standard 8.5 x 11 laminate sheet? Granted it’s bigger than 8.5 x 11 since that’s the paper size. Could easily be cut down and readily available for free depending on where a person works.  

That would work.  It just needs to be flexible enough to roll into a tube but strong enough to sping into position.  The critical dimension is the length to fit inside the threads of the Xin Yong Shi gold filter.  That inside length is 10 inches.  The width wouldn’t need to changed.  8.5″ width is good.   There is  Tuxing gold filter that I’ve only recently found out about.

It appears that the inside length is more than 10 inches if you get the Tuxing gold filter as the end caps have fewer threads.   My choice is the Xin Yong Shi because of the strength from more end cap threads and the holes in the caps to give leverage for a tool to loosen them.  The Tuxing gold filter has a notch in the end cap which would require a  large crescent wrench to loosen them.

These filters usually arrive with the caps screwed on very tight.  It is wise to lubricate the threads with a light grease after you open the filter.  It isn’t necessary to overtighten the end caps after servicing as the O-ring inside provides the air seal.  Hand tighting the caps makes it easier to open in the future.  I had to wrap my filter body in a towel and grip it in a vise so it wouldn’t slip while I loosened the tightly closed end caps.  I used a Phillips head screwdriver inserted into the endcap hole for leverage to open it.  

It’s helpful to protect the gold anodized finish on the outside of your filter by wrapping  it in a layer of the same type plastic laminate used for the inner liner.  Lots of owners mount their filter vertically with metal hose clamps.  Roll the filter over the plastic laminated sheet and then use clear tape to secure the laminate in a roll shape.  It protects the anodized gold finish from getting marred by the hose clamps and can be slid off partially to remove the caps for servicing.