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“Neoohm”I bought a Wildcat. 25 and a Impact .25 in January 2018.
the wc is sent back to fx, tank leaks and even before that the gun could just not handle  .25 with 10kj law in sweden.
End of January  the
Impact is on its way to FX.
the pellet rod ruins the inlet and i can only shoot indoors, cause temps below + – 0 C it drops in ms/fps badly.
so slow that pallets stop mid pipe. 
i suspect some factory lubricants hardens.
I will not take the risk of fixing it myself,  not on new, expensive rifles, and get myself a void guarantee .
im amazed at the most time with these rifles been
Googling isues
googling fixes 
watching youTube reviews, praising these rifles .
i bought them so i could use them as intended, but so far, its been 12.5 meter target practice in my apartment .
not the ideal place and supposed range on these two. 
my advice- if you have regulations max 10k
don’t buy .25.
it’s too heavy and plain boring. 
in rather shoot long range whit power than to try to lob in a .25 at 30 meters. 
both my rifles failed and that’s bad statistics  i like FX but these two is total disappointment 
thinking of buying their new flagship  but hesitate cause of these events.
i thought the price tag would reduce the failrates – so our Xmas leave shooting transformed into a shooting frenzy of a total of 5 or 6 shots. .
if you don’t count the  pallet that WAS IN THE CHAMBER when i unboxed.
it fired when i unsafed? I touvhrd no trigger i hadn’t put the  mag causes i hadn’t even made the manouvre that  adds a bullet.
And unsafing -and hits a study book-, my wifes book on loan from the library. 
then it was ok for it to be weak, hit the back of the book and just dented ir.
fx, fix these guns and i promise to buy one more Impact and a Crown.

Sadly, what just happened to you happened to me so often that I simply got tired of it and picked up shooting rimfire rifles instead.