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Sorry to hear and thanks for letting us know.

Paypal all the way, if seller doesn’t accept it, I buy from someone who does.  100% on Yellow or BOI with ton of feedbacks mean nothing.  I always ask the seller to send me an invoice for the item from Paypal, the 3% fee can be negotiated depending on how bad I want the item and how bad the seller wants to sell. F&F means nothing, saving 3% on a 1K+ transaction doesn’t make much sense when you have no way to recoup your money.  Even when you do receive the item, if it’s not in the condition the seller advertised, you get your money back.  Most of the time, scammer will back away when asked to do transaction via Paypal; Paypal doesn’t pay until the item shipped.  When you get the tracking number from seller, check its shipping weight to make sure they’re sending the right stuff and notify Paypal right away if something should weight 100 lbs with a shipping label stating 10 lbs on it.