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Welcome to the world of Hunting, (not pesting) For most hunters (at least the ones I know) the goal is the experience you get from finding, tracking and then possibly killing the game animal you are “hunting”. For me it’s about the experience more then it is the kill. Being out in the clean air, walking, looking, finding the signs. Don’t just look up, look down and find the “cut” nuts on among the leaves, the tiny dug up patches of dirt from them burying nuts. That’s why it’s called Hunting and not killing. Kinda like why fishing is not called “Catching” ’cause it doesn’t happen every time out.
Like Brian said, get out in the woods and find the food, (be there at the right time) you will find the squirrels. Just like with deer, they will each have their own “areas”. One of the last times I was out deer hunting I had 24 deer walk within shooting range of me. My buddy who was just about 150yds away did not see a single one. I was sitting there from about 2:00pm till dark and I only saw the deer during a 15min window. If I hadn’t been there during that 15mins I wouldn’t have seen a single thing. Not even a squirrel that day. And I didn’t take a shot, I let them all pass. I usually look for a perfect broadside or quartering away shot to almost guarantee a kill if I shoot. (This year I went 5 for 5 on deer I hit being recovered, all within about 80yds)
I took my brother out the next night and put him in that stand. He saw about 14 deer but not a one came in for a shot. I sat in a different stand and wound up sticking a nice fat doe. 22yds, broadside resulted in a double lung hit.

I’d bet that most guys who put videos up of their “hunting” trip only put up 1 out of 10 they shoot. It might look like they kill every time, but there’s a whole lot of trips they aren’t showing.

BTW – I’ve never seen a country squirrel eating bird food, that’s for those city dwellers.