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“bowwild”As a retired fish and wildlife director, I can only imagine the statements some airgun fans are making in public meetings about the lethality of certain air rifles. They do this to convince regulators these guns are suitable for deer hunting. 
However, low shot count (for big bores) and buddy bottles don’t fit checklist of the evil or mentally disturbed on the fringe of society. 
So much of our freedom is restricted already (not just with firearms) because of our tolerance and coddling of miscreants. 

Your point about shot count/buddy bottles etc is an important one. Legislators, town councils snd others will need to be educated on these important limiting factors when they consider the inevitable and there needs to be an Airgun-specific organization prepared to argue that NO ONE is going to choose an airgun to attack a school anymore than they will chose a crossbow or muzzleloader.  With tespect to NRA members, I fear the organization is poison in states like Mass, NJ , CA and others. A too close alignment would further associate aurguns with actual school shooter firearms in the minds of many.   At the minimum the airgun world needs its own organization with a focus on education, sportsmanship, consevation  and competition that aligns more with bowhunter groups that lobby at the state level.    The posture cannot be “from my cold dead hands”  because there is no Constitutiional “right” in play.