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Between my neighbor and myself we had 7 dogs, their total weight was under 60 lbs. He had an outdoor fenced in run about 3′ high. The yipping was a pretty good call. I experienced them at a distance while walking my dogs. They grew bolder, and foot prints were visable on many mornings. I put my spoiled Chihuahua in the bathroom and closed the door. He wined wanting out. I recorded it, placed the recorder in the backyard on a 100′ extension cord. I hit play, and unplugged from time to time. I opened two windows and waited. Three were visable at the end of my property, I lost sight of two and one provided a 40 yd shot. I used a .22 this was before my pcp days. The dogs, their scent and sound was a very familiar to them, and they threw caution to the wind.