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Thanks very much Brian that’s great suggestions,

The forest here is mainly conifers like Douglas Fir,  Cedar, Pine and some Cottonwood/Alder I have seen some evidence of them so it looks promising.  And at least I have seen a few up there.

I haven’t really put in a full effort with the feeder with using peanuts or something specifically for them and where I set it up was just a place close to the entrance of the forestry service road not much thought put into it.  I have found this place and it looks good,  there’s some water in that area kind of like a bog that I did see one when I was up there some time last summer.  I might set up a few little ones up in this strip between the bog/opening and the road,  haven’t seen any people in that area and some good big trees in there.  There’s old rotten stumps that are 8 feet across from when they first logged it and now the second growth has bounced back in full force.

Here’s the strip,  I’ll most likely set up a few feeders and actually use this little pop up blind that I have once I see some action there.  If you zoom out it almost looks like at one point there was a road through there before they detoured it around.  It’s really beautiful in there and no bugs even in summer.,+BC/@49.0517643,-122.027233,294m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54843f9d75e9f3a7:0x1d49386fd2f9a230!8m2!3d49.1579401!4d-121.9514666