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Most squirrels spend the majority of their time in a 2-4 acre area. Scout for them on days, and at times when they’re most likely to be foraging. Usually right before bad weather, or during the warm or sunny break after lousy weather. By scouting during peak times, you can be sure that they’re in that area or they’re not. Morning is usually good. They seem to be most active an hour after sunrise and then 4 hours after that. Could be a regional thing though.

Focus on areas that have what they need naturally. Areas with a lot of oak and hickory will almost always produce. Oak and hickory bordering a farm growing any kind of seed, corn, grain, etc is even better! 

Scan the treetops! If you see nests (big leaf balls) there’s squirrels. If you start seeing lots of nests, you’re probably in an area with a lot of hardwood. Prime. Now move in quietly, sit down and don’t move a muscle for at least 10-15 mins. Look for ANY movement. Also, (and I know it sounds funny) listen for the sound of chewing. I’ve zeroed in on squirrels many times after their chewing gave them away. 

Hopefully this helps a little bit(?)