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Hi RJ, 
Sorry not to reply sooner…I’ve been really busy the last couple days. Sounds like your having fun! I experimented with plenum spacer rings from 10.5mm to 15mm and my Wildcat seems to like the 15mm the best. I also have had my Wildcat apart and back together countless times in the last six months doing various experiments. If you email Huub he will mail you any size plenum ring you like…he simply cuts them and polishes them and sends them out to you, and usually at no charge.

I think your next experiment should be to reduce your reg back down to the 130 or even 120 bar setting, adjust your HST correctly, and you should get lots more shots… this should bring your velocity with the 25.4gr. Kings down to around 880-890 ft/s, which is about the optimal velocity for those pellets out of a smooth twist barrel. Don’t even bother setting your regulator up to 150 bar or above unless you plan on setting up your rifle to shoot the JSB 34gr. MKII pellets.

At some point you will have to decide which pellets you want to shoot out of your rifle, and then set it up to shoot those at the best velocity/accuracy possible. For example: my Wildcat is now set up to shoot the 34gr. MKII’s at 878 ft/s…and it shoots them lights out accurate at that velocity. But this means that the 25.4gr. Kings are shooting at an average of 970 ft/s…which is way too fast for them to be anything more than “hunting accurate.” At 50 yards the 25.4’s were giving me concentric groups of about 1″…about the size of a quarter…which would be ok for hunting I guess.

Last Thursday I had a chance to go shooting and do a couple experiments. I put a new shroud tube on my Streamline and it shoots perfect with it on there, whereas the original tube was somehow misaligned and caused accuracy problems, so I have used it all this time with just the Huggett on the barrel. I also put a new shroud tube on my Wildcat…A couple years ago I had drilled holes in the rear of the original tube to release the blast of air from each shot just to see what effect it would have on my accuracy. So I replaced it with a new one because the holes didn’t seem to have any appreciable effect on my accuracy…it only ruined my shroud tube. :-o
All the best, Chuck