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Crispness of the break (though mine is set pretty good now), adjustability (especially sliding fore-aft), adjustability of the trigger blade/shoe (rotation, height, offset), super light first stage.  Anschutz makes triggers (as does FWB, and a few others) that just allow much more customization than the RAW unit.   Being a shorter guy, my finger is a bit more stretched to the trigger blade on my RAW than I prefer.  Bought a Rowan unit, installed it, lost all first stage travel.  Sent it to Martin-same thing-he said it was machined wrong.  Contacted them, the responded but still no solutions.  

That’s my story and reasoning.  I’m going to dump more big money into another gun somewhat soon (once I fix my tax situation), and so want it to be everything I want.  My current RAW has me satisfied with accuracy and adaptability (minus the trigger).  I was tempted to get and Anschutz rimfire next (and may still end up going that rout for the trigger).  I was all set to order, then my taxes forced a delay.  I’m now thinking through what I really want-since I have time.  $3k on my next RAW order gets me into Anschutz territory, which gets me into Thomas territory.  If he makes me one with the Anschutz trigger I want, then I may order a Thomas next.  Not really sure now.

But I do love my RAW for sure…