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I really wish there was somewhere in Georgia I could go put my hands on and inspect my options but my searching for retailers besides online has seemed futile.Any suggestions?  Thank you.

You can always come out and shoot with me and a few other guys in Lithonia.  Normally, there are entry level to high end PCPs and no attitudes so everyone will allow you to shoot their guns.  Right now three or four of us supposed to shoot tomorrow if the weather permits.  There is a slight chance of rain but I’m sure someone will bring a canopy.   

Thanks for the offer. That’s just too far away from me to be making that drive especially with kids on weekends.
Thanks again everyone for the help. 
Any my input on the AirForce Talon SS? As I mentioned in my original post I see them for right at $500 for a blemish model. How would that compare to a Marauder? Seems to have a bigger reservoir, produce more power, and lighter. Ergonomics seem as if they may be funky but dont think it would bother me too much.

Ok no problem.  I haven’t shot an Escape before.  I normally get PCPs that are repeaters though.  There’s many options in your price range but me personally I think a Hatsan Nova is a lot of bang for your bucks.  It’s no light weight, but it gets a very high shot count and has plenty of power and very accurate. Lithonia is near Stone Mountain just outside of 285 in case you thought it’s far away.