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if its a pcp .you can go wild money wise ,,on the other side ,if you get a pos of a starter gun expect the same for fun,,wont be there ,,ill mention 3 the benjaman marauder is approx $420 if you use the coupon for 25% off from crosman in the banner above  ,free ship fridays awesome gun ussually the number 1 seller in the U S wood or synthetic 177 22 25 cal accurasy over 100 yards ,,second would be the KRAL puncher breaker $450 to$499 depending where u get it its a bull pup might be a better choice for your boy ,,check out AEAC steve does real good videos on both,, hatsan bull boss is last $ 450 a good buy  , dont get a crappy scope youll regret it  at least spend $100 on something like theUTG bug buster good scope comes with rings for right at a hundred  good luck   pm me and i can answer any ?s  pat