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Sometimes that information can be hard to find.
I live in Houston, I started shooting pellet guns in my backyard thinking I would be fine. I thought I did the proper research on the laws and city ordinances. The neighbors where cool with it for about 6 months before I started getting cops at the front door telling me the neighbors had safety concerns with what I do in my backyard. I would show the cop my back yard range, he would think its good and say carry on, shoot all you want. All 3 would tell me I could shoot in the backyard no law against it.

One day out of the blue a 4th cop came by. But this was not your regular city cop, he was from the community relations department, or in other words the cop that goes around and enforce city ordinances. He told me it was against city ordinances to shoot anything in your back yard at any time in the city limits. Well I told him what the other cops said, his reply was this. Your regular city cop dose not study city ordinances, there is extra training involved and most likely would not be able to answer questions about city ordinances. He gave me a warning, said it wont be good if I have to come back.

Not 20 min after he left I had downloaded the city code book. Spent 2 hours reading the whole thing, turns out the 4th cops was right. All though there is no rules agians the shooting of pellets guns in your backyard. Im not lawyer but this is what I got out of reading the code book.
One rule states airguns are considered a weapon in Houston city limits.
The other prohibits the discharge of weapon in the city limits.

So yeah… no airguns in my backyard….Find the department that handles city code and ask them. Most cities over about 10000 people gave or take about 9999 are going to have rules that prohibit airgun shooting in the backyard.