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I could recommend many PCPs but as some have said, the start-up is pretty pricey.  If you want a springer that will offer accuracy close to PCP with decent power I would recommend a RWS Diana 54 Air King.  It has a great trigger and a recoilless system so it’s not as hold sensitive as most springers.  There are other springers that is very accurate but the Air King has good power to go along with the accuracy.

As for PCPs, I would recommend a Hatsan Nova or Kral Jumbo.  Both have high shot count and power.  The Nova is a better 25 cal option since the Kral 25 cal are a little underpowered for a 25 cal.  The negative on the Nova is that you will need a good fill system since it has a 500cc bottle and 250 bar (about 3600 psi) fill to take advantage of the high shot count.  The Jumbo has a 200 bar fill and 425cc bottle.  It still get a lot of shots in both 22 and 25 cal and easier to fill if you are hand pumping.  Both are very accurate and have good adjustable triggers.  

You can also go the route of the Benjamin M-Rod but expect lower shot count and a need to refill more often.  Most guns in the price range have great accuracy and decent power. Or you can jump on a Umarex Gauntlet.  It has a high shot count, small tank but not a lot of power if you want to hunt medium critters.