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I dont know if I should be glad this is happening to other people, its been driving me crazy!!! For some reason my local carrier keeps placing my mail box in the “vacant” I have been to the post office to fill out the change of address forms 4 times since july. I called yesterday because i havnt recieved any bills in 6 weeks. They placed my mail box as “vacant” again!! So had to go back and fill out the form now for the 5th time. Today my mail was delivered to my neighbors….. I have amazon stuff come all the way to my post office to be sent back as undeliverable , never leaves the post office or it gets deliverd to the neighboring town to a similar address, but in a different zip code I dont understand, drives me crazy!!!!  My two day express ends up being 1-2 weeks.     I live with in 100ft of my post can see my mail box when standing in front of the entrance doors.