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Well I got the Norica Black Eagle in last night after dark. Opened it this morning. It was double boxed and well packed. No shipping damage occurred which is rare for UPS in these parts.

Metal Work Fit and Finish is excellent. Woodwork and wood finish is very good if not better than most Crosman and similar price point offerings. 

I cleaned the barrel till it was mirror clean (about 5 patches). Rifling is excellent with no burrs or snags when pulling through patches.

Breech is beveled where the pellet is loaded making loading easy without “sore finger syndrome”.

Cocking is very pleasant being much easier than other springers I have handled.

Shot a few Crosman Premier Hollow Points which have a somewhat variable head size.

They all loaded easily (more so than any other springer I own).

The gun was shooting dead on at 50 yards right out of the box. Literature stated factory zero’s them at 10 meters.

A quick 2 turns of the elevation screw on the fiber optic rear sight and it was dead on at 25 yards off hand.

This surprised me as other springers I have had required several hundred pellets to break in.

The gun doesn’t seem to have the hold sensitivity of some other springers I have shot.

Trigger is nice and has an adjustable second stage.

Posting pictures of the gun seems redundant since it looks exactly like the photos on the Norica site.

Overall I believe this gun is totally in line with Crosman and other manufacturer offerings in the $200 retail price range.
For the $39 I gave for it shipped I believe it was a Stupendous BARGAIN!
At that price I would buy a dozen to resell or pass along to others, however the price on Amazon is $99 which I still consider to be a very good price.

I will be following up with some velocity and accuracy testing with several brands and weights of pellets at a later date sinceI have some new long range .457 Texan slugs from Nick Nielsen to test first before I’ll have time to play with the Norica much.