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Let me give a slightly different opinion to muddy the water.  Years ago, when zoom lenses and variable magnification scopes were new, yes, the fixed magnification scopes were significantly sharper.  The optical design was / is so much sharper on a fixed over a variable scope.  Today, not so much.

​​The real sharpness difference is in the lower end optics.  Buying quality optics rather than go cheap eliminates most of the sharpness differences.  Good design will cost a bit more, and variable power scopes do use more glass so they tend to cost more than fixed.  A high quality fixed will be less expensive than a high quality variable, but if you compare a high quality fixed to a high quality variable, you won’t see much difference these days.  Moderate range, same thing.  When comparing, it’s important to compare roughly equal quality (that doesn’t always mean price) scopes.  

​If you have a fixed price point, the fixed might be sharper at that point, but (there’s always a but) how sharp do you need?  Is that sharp enough to give up variable?  That’s your call.