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All that I can say is that FX is trying to leave everyone else in the dust. Not only are they the only company truly revolutionizing the airgun industry, but they are also doing it with the best customer service. I would compare FX in airguns to McLaren in cars. McLaren stepped into this field not having much knowledge, but currently is dominating everyone else. I have personally met Ernest Rowe and he does seem to know his stuff, and I think that it was one of FX’s best moves to go out and get a person who knows the most about the gun to head up their new facility in Wilmington.

FX also provides some of the best priced out of warranty support that you can find. I just had my Impact resealed due to a couple of leaks and the whole thing was $75 (I live locally and shipping was not needed). I know that some businesses would charge you over $200 for that service and are not the OEM. I cannot comment on parts availability as I have not broken anything in any of my guns. My point is that by giving the consumer the information that is needed to fix the rifle they are doing themselves one of the biggest favors they can because it will force other manufacturers to do the same. Everyone should have all the equipment readily available to them to fix their gun because I promise you that things will break when you’re in the middle of a hunt, and not just when your are patiently plinking in the back yard. Innovation is what this world needs and FX is providing it.