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“wolfie”Hi Weatherby
Ta for reply.
In my ignorance what are Belleville washers? What extra do they bring to the party?
Do you think these ” Disc springs” being spoken of will make any difference in the performance?
Finally another question- What are FX trying to achieve here?
safe shooting

I can’t really say. However, I can say I’m stubborn enough to think a lot of factory stuff has got room for improvement.
Some manufaturers (I will not call names) apparently don’t know how these belleville washers work. They preferably have to be stacked in even proportions, unless you want to create a progressive spring stack.
Sometimes you see them stacked like: (())(())(())( The single washer at the end is going to be flattened immediately, because the rest of the stack is way stiffer (double stacked) so it will more or less act like a regular washer.

Good configurations are:
The spring travel is the same for all of the 3 stacks above, except the top one is the easiest to compress, while the bottom one is the hardest to compress.

In case of the Crown and Impact, I have a strong feeling that the belleville washers are too soft to handle pressures higher than 150 bar, with other words, the washers are almost flattened at that pressure, and are starting to act unpredictable. (result: regulator creep and slow response time to reach the final reg. pressure.)
I stacked my washers in a different configuration to make them stiffer, with less travel. And it works a charm. No more regulator creep, and I can go beyond 150 bar easily.