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I can’t wait for this! Smooth move on FX’s part, pun intended. Showing customers how to keep the cost of FX airgunning to a minimum by teaching us how to diagnose problems, service and maintain our own guns, and avoid costly “hired” repairs and high shipping costs, not to mention damage resulting from the careless shippers. This is going to raise the VALUE of FX airguns to their owners. This will enable people like me, who heretofore have been reluctant to buy an FX Impact, to forge ahead knowing that if a problem arises, I will be able to fix it myself. Confidence building….that’s what this is. A built-in ‘assurance’ plan. FX has just now sold me an FX Impact. All I have to do now is save up the money. I’ll take a black and silver one in .25 with the original Smooth Twist barrel. I’d also like the longer (700mm) Smooth Twist X barrel twisted for slugs in .25 and .30 cal to go along with it. If Ernest makes good on his proposal, so that I can do my own service, maintenance, and repairs, owning an FX Impact will be much more enjoyable.