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Yes, I love my Bantam .177 that I bought here on AGN from Keith (Kdog). Great for FT, and I also use it just to practice for 25M BR. Shot 713 last month in breezy conditions with it. Also good for head shotting nutters up to 65 yards. Mine LOVES 10.3 JSB Exact Heavy, and HATES the 13.4 Monsters (old style with cylindrical shape like the 10.3s).  Not sure why, but they group 1/2 inch at 25M, and the 10.3s are single hole at 25M.  Mine does slightly over 20 fpe on Hi Power with 10.3s, about 950 fps. On Med Power I get under 20 fpe with 10.3s, around 920 fps, which is the setting I normally use for HV BR and FT.  On Low Power it shoots around 825 fps with the 10.3s.  Very accurate, light weight, nice (but not great or match grade) trigger, easy to shoot off hand, very good ES when filled to 225 bar and shoot to 145 bar. Less than 20 fps spread for 90+ shots using that fill method, no need for a regulator. I have a DonnyFL Tatsu on mine now, very quiet, better than the stock moderator by far. Overall a very nice gun for a good price..