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+1 For the EDgun PCP’s. I own the Matador R5 and it’s been the only gun I felt comfortable taking apart and installing a Huma Reg as well as adjusting the HST. The simplistic design of all the parts and the videos that ED puts out on Youtube of disassembling/reassembling his rifles with just a few hex wrenches, makes it easy to choose this gun. I dread when my other PCP’s develop leaks as I most likely will have to ship them back to get them repaired.

I have yet to see FX, Air Arms, Daystate, or any other big airgun manufacturer go out there and put up videos on how to quickly and easily tear down their guns and service them. Most videos are from other users doing it themselves. God help me if my Cricket pressure gauge bites the dust, as an example. I’ll have to ship that gun out for servicing just because you need a special tool to get the gauge off, which is near impossible to find or you have to have skill in making it yourself.
Heck, I’m even considering a Lelya 2.0 now after seeing how easy it is to service my Matador.