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Hey riazp.,

What you are saying is the Impact has to be tuned first. I hear you…
I’ve reached the same conclusion.

I watched plenty videos on you-tube and have been trying to emulate (accuracy wise) guys like Matt Dubber from AirGunsSA and Ted from Ted’s Holdover, but I keep on forgetting that those guys are shooting .22 and higher calibers.

That is why I turned to this forum. I am looking for others who are also using a 0.177 because I need to judge if I am close to the limit of the gun in the 0.177 caliber.
I bought my Impact used from a friend who hardly used it and I am just starting to tune ir, whenever I get some free time on the weekends.

I appreciate all the information you gave me.
Have fun with the new Impact with the twist X barrel.
Post back when you get and use it.
I hear it is/will be very accurate.