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I have a Wildcat .22 with the original Smooth Twist barrel. I’m still experimenting with a Daystate Huntsman Classic .22 (24FPE), and a Beeman R7 .177, and an AirForce Condor .25. So far the Wildcat is the most accurate of the guns that I have at any range beyond 25 yards. At only 25 yards, all my guns shoot one hole groups. At 50 yards, the Wildcat distinguishes itself over the others for accuracy.

If FX ever offers a Smooth Twist X barrel conversion for my Wildcat, I’d be tempted to give it a try. I’d like to compare the two myself. But if they never offer a conversion, I’m well satisfied with the original Smooth Twist barrel. Besides accuracy, I’d have to say the Wildcat gets the nod for “fun factor”. Although, the Daystate Huntsman Classic is a gun that you just can’t put down. If it had side-lever cocking like the new Daystates that are coming out, it would be hard to say which I like the best, the Huntsman or the Wildcat.

Were I to add another gun to my group, I think either a Wildcat MkII in .25, or an Impact (Smooth Twist X) in .25. I need a magazine fed gun of greater power than my .22 Wildcat. And I’d like to experiment with slugs in either of those two.

No, I’m not an FX “fan boy”. FX has had their share of problems, especially with the Impact. But Fred Axelsson seems to me to be the type that’s long on walk, and short on talk. I admire that.