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this smooth twist X is nothing more than marketing hype.
You  can make 5 barrel liners to one barrel. Proof of this is , they weigh 1/5 of what a Smooth Twist barrel weighs.
It will be no more accurate, and perhaps less accurate than a true Smooth Twist BARREL.
I can prove  this if FX wants to pay me to do it.

If Im wrong. I will be the next to promote Smooth twistX barrel Liners.
My Challenge to FX is this:
Bring me your best shooter, which is prolly Frederick.
Put both barrels on equal footing BENCHREST at range, from 10 to 100.
I will allow Fred to pick 5 ranges for this test for a total of 25 shots
With me shooting one, and Fredrick shooting the other , outdoors under ambient conditions. With flags.
5 Shot groupings over 5 groups,,,,,,,,just to see who can stack em.
Smooth Twist VS Smooth Twist X.

I can promise you I will win that
It will cost a corporation like FX nearly nothing, to prove me wrong.
I’ll go one more. FX can bring me their best recorded shooter on any given day, under any condition, .22 caliber.
Smooth TwistX barrel liner vs Smooth Twist Barrel.
if Ted wants to get spanked, he can be first in line.
By the way , I love Tedrick.. Business is business.