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Okay guys, I’ve been at the dairy since 10 a.m.   Did okay, a bit on the slow side but any day shooting beats the alternative right?   I got some video of some decent shots though.

But the big news is I’m headed to Area 17 as soon as I’m done with this post.  It’s almost dark, the gun is pumped up, got three full mags, and fresh Batts in the torch!!  I stopped by there two hours ago and the place was flooded with Starlings!!

If as many as I saw are all in that barn right now, it’s gonna be crazy!!  Just something to pass on for those of you like me who only have one rifle, make sure you bring some essential tools in case your gun needs maintenance out on the job or field 

The trigger on my Streamline started malfunctioning, like it was locked up.  Turns out it was failing to reset due to one scree coming loose.  Luckily I carry some with me as i was able to tighten it and now all is well!  If I didn’t have these, I’d have had a complete failure of the trigger at some point today, and would have to miss out on hopefully 200 Starlings tonight.

I’ll update you guys a bit later.  Everything will be on scope cam from the Side-Shot.  I’d be shocked if the barn isn’t full judging by how many I saw there earlier this evening..