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I wish I could say that practice makes perfect, but I think that the gun needs to be capable before range time can lead to improving. This Impact of mine has driven me crazy.

The .22 barrel I have shoots at 20 like the .177 at 100! I have done everything known to man to try and make it shoot half decently.

I very nearly turfed my gun, after replacing, tuning, polishing, chrony work, reg tuning, multiple silencers, multiple manometers, cocking blocks and pellet probes I broke down and just bought a Vulcan.

Having the Vulcan was like a whole new world in .22. but I couldn’t compete with it due to it being too powerful for HFT or FT, hence the .177 barrel.

The importer had brought two .177 into the country and I bought one to try and sweeten the deal for the next potential owner. But all the work that I had done to the Impact really paid dividends when I inserted a good barrel into it!

The Vulcan has lived in its bag for a few weeks now, and the Impact is proving to be everything that I always dreamed it would be, but it was a labour of love to get it to work properly.

The sucker for punishment that I am went and ordered a second Impact in silver .22 twist x, some idiots like me never learn…