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“shutik”Hi Roger,
Adapter is finished, I’ll pick it up this Saturday.
I’ve been shooting a lot 10m in the basement, standing and sitting. And as long as I do my part, this is one hole rifle.
Need to clean it after 200-300 shots.
Also, barrel not pellet fussy at all. Shoots well with all kinds of pellets. CP, AA, JSP, wadcutters, …
Are you shooting yours?, ….thanks, that is great news,  can hardly wait for your results/video,  we have had some really cold weather & snow  here in Illinois, & trying to keep up with snow removal hasn’t left much time, to shoot . + I am low on air , I have 3 x tanks & now getting a little less than 200 bar fills , = 1 mag till it starts dropping to low & right,   , no I have not  tried to turn the power down, I want to get more air for full fills, my buddy stopped by last nite, & I let him shoot a 10 shot mag (his 1st time shooting the Zbroia, dime size stickers @ 52 ft & he had 9 in the circle. w/ JsB 18″s   …a couple of weeks ago we had a heatwave & it got to mid 40’s degrees . I tried CPHP ‘s & nailed the stickers & 30 yds  the first 4 shots & then got some flyers,only tried  10 shots. wish they would have worked as I have over 5000 CPHP, when the priced dropped  I picked them up from WAL /M  ,  I am hoping to have my Carette Compressor running by the end of next week ( trying to find the correct female Q/con for the Carette Hose to the Jb Alpha filter) , then my air probs will be over, I will be watching for your progress  have a good one , roger