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Guess I could chime in too. I bought stuff from PyramidAir directly before but little things like pellets. I also bought a Beeman r9 from PA but from their EBay store. For big purchases like air rifles I go to Amazon or Ebay (of course depending on what kind) since you get very good customer protection and return policies with those sites. I bought a FX Royale from Airgun Depot directly and am very satisfied with my purchase because everything worked out well. But with these sites you run into trouble when you have to fix something or do a return. They will rip you off. All their return policies say that they will charge you 20-30% restocking fee and you are responsible to pay shipping. return policy is especially crazy. But if the product is bad or they messed up your order they should be liable for the costs associated with that. The next purchase I’m planning to make is from Airgunsofarizona (they are the only ones that have FX Wildcat in .177) but I’m a little weary since I read their return policy. I later had to do some warranty work on my FX Royale so I called Airgunsofarizona (they are a dealer and warranty provider) and they were going to charge me for shipping to and from their facility. I was dumbfounded by this since everything should be covered by the warranty. They said it was their policy, but why??? You’re a warranty provider and it is all covered by FX. So I called FX directly and got my repair done completely free of charge. They paid for shipping and everything:)) Moral of the story is that you should always read company’s return policies and call them and ask questions. As for me, I buy general air gun stuff from eBay or amazon. Thanks!