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These are great scopes for airguns. I have two myself.
The top of the line and what all should be measured by are Schmidt&Bender, and March.
Sightron III falls in there somewhere as a dedicated field target scope.
Nothing beats Schmidt & Bender.

coming in at 1200.00
The Meopta 4×16 ZD focus range 10 yards.
Dont care for the reticle in this one, However, the optics are stunning

Next up, coming in at under 1000.00 is the Leupold 6.5×20-40 EFR
This scope IS the best airgun scope vs the dollar that you can mount
on an air rifle. It , However, does not have a side focus/parralax which is used in field target to range.
If youre not shooting field target, where rangefinders are not allowed, this scope works for general target, benchrest, hunting and everything else.
It’s optical quality is up there with anything mentioned above. Albeit at much lower magnifications provided by the top three. It also comes in much lighter at 20 ounces.

Next up, Bushnell Elite series 4500.

Then beneath that are Nikon, vortex , hawke, weaver, Aztec, clear ridge, SWFA Etc.
I give SWFA, Hawke, and Weaver higher marks than the Vortex.
Vortex higher end optics would be in the running but they only offer a couple of scopes that focus down, which is needed for airguns.

And then you have all your budget scopes.
Leapers POS, centerpoint garbage, and everything else.
Yes they will work on an airgun but that is where the similarities come to an abrupt halt.

Mr. Rhea has a very good price on a nice airgun scope.
Hard to touch that scope for less than 400.00.
Very nice scope until you get into the higher end of the zoom.