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The Sumatra is a great gun, it’s at the top of the power spectrum in both 22 and 25. It’s not pellet fussy, there is not a shot curve on them. Southern Gunner shot tethered. My .25 rifle drops 200 plus fps over 12 shots. (bought used and gun looses about 600 psi per week stopping at 1400) A friend shoots the .22 with a mixture of power settings and pellets he gets some consistant results. At 43″ with a 10″ Neil Clague LDC it is Kentucky long rifle size. On high power shooting the 44 gr Eungin’s the gun shoots at subsonic .22 pb power. On high power it is impossible to quiet the gun down usingĀ  lighter 25 gr pellets. FX is a cutting edge innovative company. I could not justify the Impact when the cost of probe ,mag, and bolt was 1/2 the cost of a used Cricket. FX has the best YouTube shooters using their products, and the liberated one of the nicest, and intelligent people in the air gun industry from New Jersey Ernest Rowe. Their barrel system is quickly becoming the standard for accuracy, it’s exciting to see their new innovations.