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“Centercut”Joe/Tom, I totally agree. I have one of these on my .30 FX Bobcat and it is pretty much perfect. If I could change anything, I’d make it about 12 ounces lighter and make the warranty transferrable.  The only scope I have that is better, and even then by only a VERY slim margin, is my Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15×42 with HSR-4 reticle. I did a side by side comparison of the two and the CLARITY is the SAME. The Vortex has SLIGHTLY better contrast, but only a very small amount better. The Vortex is only 16 ounces, but its a 1 inch tube vice a 30mm tube on the Hawke. And the Vortex is an $1,100 scope…

Cabela’s has it (with the G4-BDC reticle) for $599 right now

I always look at the Hawkes but then shy away as soon as I see the listed weight being 27.5oz. For a 42mm scope?  Like you said needs to lose at least 10oz.