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Looks like yo have just a bit too much hammer. Looks like you came off the reg at shot 30 and went straight down. I think this also effecting your variance in shot speeds. If you stop the string at 30 and use 140bar your efficiency is almost 1.2fpe/cuin. ack off spring a bit and I think those little peaks will go away.

Also I think I would call the plastic sleeve a “De-Boinger”. It stops the spring from hitting the tube and cause the “boing” to transmit thru it. There is no way it would effect the air movement inside the tube (the ping) after the shot.

I was worried about my barrel so removed it and noticed no “rough” spots at all. I did use a grey “rubber” dremel bit to polish it followed by MMP on the cone cloth dremel bit to make it like a mirror. I removed the breech oring and then put a Q-tip in the barrel to stop any grit from going down it. Not sure but mine might have been “crowned” before as it looks to be no way for a pellet to hit the edge of the barrel as the edge is larger then the exit hole of the mag and tapers inward. The end edge is covered by the mag plate itself.