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I do not have a lot of update yet as we have a lot of snow this year and I have not done a lot of long range shooting yet. They seem to be slightly less accurate that Huben pellets I had but I cannot make a direct compartment as I do not have any Huben pellets anymore.
I will say something though: The bullets out of the swagging kit are extremely consistent in terms on dimensions and weight and another very nice feature about this swagging die is that you can also make longer or shorter bullets. I made them form 30 up to 52 grain and I tested the 44 and 52 grain bullets with Wolverine I modified.. It is shooting 52 grains with 965 fps (that is about 108 ft-lbs) :) I tested them for accuracy and the 44 grain @ 1010 fps seem to be shooting sub MoA at 120 meters… 52 grans are not stable… would need a faster twist.

I am hoping that in a next month, the weather will get better and I will be able to properly test them.