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No harm or foul on anyone’s opinion here so no need for any ruffled feathers but feel free to move any differences of opinion discussion to the PM system! ;)
I’ll withhold judgement on Norica till the gun is in hand. Pictures on the internet can leave much to be discovered when the item is actually examined in person. I am not really a springer person having started with a Benjamin 342 pump gun in the late 1960’s and now have a number of PCP guns. I have three springers (I forgot the .25 in my first post) … .177, .22 and .25  The .177 is actually a Hatsan from some years ago and other than a heavy trigger is a very accurate gun. The .22 is a Crosman Optima and the .25 is a more recent Hatsan with a nitro piston though it is a very cheap model with a bad heavy trigger, heavy cocking effort and a heavy kick making it not much fun to shoot. All of the three springers cost less than $100 so I did not expect them to perform like a fine German built Weihrauch or a Diana 52. lol