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The split plastic tube is a “depinger” that the factory adds.  With a short, strong spring, you really don’t need it.  As for my crowning – I am using a simple countersink bit, then cleaning up with a rubber wheel and finally polishing with Mothers Mag Wheel polish.  I get quite a bit of dirt/grit in the barrel, so I put in a pellet to avoid getting grit down the barrel and I replace the o-ring afterwards (hence my discovery with viton). 

Tonight in my 177 testing with a regulator, I was getting 40 shots, 3% variance 1.0 fpe/ci over 190 to 115 bar (reg is set at 140 BAR) at 17 fpe.  The last 10 velocities were’nt great, so I should probably stop earlier.   I need to make air this weekend, hence the low starting pressure.  I usually fill to 220 bar – I should only have to fill once per FT Match with this setup.  Next up is to re-tune the 22 for silhouette.