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Dang Joe, I didn’t think I’d ever see this video lol. I’ve had a SW TAC for a several years. I sold one a couple of years ago and got to missing that 20X 1/2mil so I got another one. I really like the way that it gives you some separation between dots and 1/2’s. You can actually estimate 1/4 mils really easy. A little heavy but most SF, illuminated scopes are. Another benefit is that with the threaded eyeball end you can adapt some video cameras directly to the scope. Usually you can pick up very lightly used one for $300-$325 too. I just pulled the SWFA off my Wildcat and put the Hawke on for a while. I like the option of going past 12X for the longer distant smaller dot challenges. It’s amazing how many you see on different guns even though they get a bad rap at times
Thanks for sharing