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“racer1”>>><Honestly I would not pay more then 10% upfront. This tells the builder you are serious (won’t likely cancel) and if something happens on their end you “only” need to recover 10%, not 50 or 100.<<<<
Interesting perspective. I had a customer that had a “Hot Job” recently involving titanium. I had dealt with this company for several years without problems. Their ultimate end user cancelled on them and they cancelled on me.
Several thousand $$$$ in material cost and machine time, I’m stuck with a lot of half completed expensive scrap.
Based on folks speaking out about this thread,I hope more will jump in. Perhaps we will draw more understanding to the problem from both sides? In our own world of air gunning do we need to self police by naming names perhaps saving a fellow gunner some problems? Or, keep discussing the good to awful customer service we live with in our daily lives? Keep those thoughts coming……

This is a great perspective from a Craftsman’s side. Have we just moved past the era if verbal or handshake agreements?  In pretty much every other area in life, separating hundreds or thousands from our hands requires a written contract, often with line by line description of the total estimate, and the terms. Maybe it’s time for the airgun industry to grow up, to protect both sides.